anna middleton candidate division 7 cairns council

My Action Plan for Division 7

Who am I?

I have lived in Division 7 for over 23 years, during which time, I have been actively involved in the local community, through numerous sports, art , school and community organisations. I’m a physiotherapist and have successfully operated my local business for over15 years. I have a proven track record of passionately engaging with and advocating for our local community. I will be a strong, independent voice for residents and am determined that if given your endorsement we can drive positive outcomes for Division 7.  We can DO IT BETTER.


What is my focus for division 7?


Improve the local infrastructure and shared spaces in our area.

I will work to see better streetscapes, better drainage, better street lighting, better shade . I will strive to improve local transport and create fit to purpose parks, paths, and bikeways. I will advocate for initiatives like free kerbside collection of green waste. My goal is createsafer, more accessible, and liveable residential, business, school and public spaces that benefit every member of our community. I will actively support and action safe neighbourhood programs.


Provide strong support for local sports, arts, and community groups.

I will continue to actively engage with the local sports, arts, and organisations that represent the heart of our community. I will advocate to enable them to sustain their membership and spaces and foster a culture of creativity , inclusivity and positive community well being.

Advocate for sensible financial management of councils $433 million dollar budget.

I will advocate for a sensible use of the councils budget that facilitates more support for local businesses to enable them to thrive in our area . Division 7 has three large business precinctsand I will strive to focus more council investment in these areas to support innovation and prosperity that strengthens our community. I will action sensible decision making that recognises and strives to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of our community.



✔️ Better Engagement

✔️ Better Advocacy

✔️ Better Action


anna middleton candidate division 7 cairns council
Sport plays a vital role in building strong,
connected communities. I have proudly volunteered my physiotherapy services to many local
sporting clubs over the past 20 years.